User Manual in HTML

I recently downloaded the Scrivener 3 User Manual project and used it to generate an HTML version of the manual. Why did I do this?

PDF files are infamously inaccessible. As a blind writer, I depend on screen reading software (VoiceOver on Mac, JAWS on Windows, also NVDA and others). Large PDF files become unmanageable with screen readers. Load time is abysmal, navigating Adobe Reader and Apple’s Preview find interface is tedious, and jumping from one page to another takes a while for the screen reader to load new data and become responsive again. Section headings in PDF files show up as normal text rather than headers and become practically useless for finding sections of interest.

HTML suffers from none of these issues. Load time is fast, and I can use the screen reader’s built-in search utility to quickly jump between search results. Screen readers also let me search through lists of headings so I can quickly find sections of interest.

About the only thing I wish I had would be an indexed TOC, but that’s a nice-to-have, not a must.

No action from the L&L team necessary. This is just a big thanks to let you know how much I appreciate you making the user manual project available.