User Themes?

Hey All,

Haven’t seen anyone post their saved themes that they’d like to share, in a while. Are there any magnanimous souls out there willing to share their personal settings that he or she thinks is just too cool to keep inside?

I would sure like to see how some of you use the theme settings to–for example–write in Composition Mode at night?

Best and Write On!

Ha, good timing. I was just about to post a thread on sharing our Scrivener themes. I’ve spent hours and hours creating my ideal theme, and this is what I currently have (most of it I’ve already customized in Writer’s Cafe, and sort of copied over to Scrivener, and then tweaked further to suit Scrivener’s idiosyncrasies):
Here’s the zip file containing my custom layout/theme:

I originally tried to design a theme that’s solely for the purpose of non-fatiguing viewing of prolonged periods, but that doesn’t work well for clear identification of different storylines or character POV’s, so I had to create enough contrast between the different storylines to be clearly different from each other, but still pleasant to look at. The main text area is what I have been using for a while now–it’s the most non-fatiguing text/background combination that works for me. it’s not too contrasty (like white text on black background, or vice versa, which is way too glaringly bright and gives me a headache). It’s a bit annoying that we can’t change the font colors in the various views other than main editor though–we’re stuck with either white or black depending on what color you chose for the background/label.

Here are two great threads about readability vs. eye-strain: … -eyestrain … t-For-Eyes


Thanks for this - but unfortunately I can’t get it to work. I worked out that media fire adds a .txt extension, and I removed it, but still neither the Import Layout nor Load Theme Preferences dialogue boxes will see the file as importable (i.e. it’s greyed out).

What am I doing wrong - obviously something obviously obvious… I’m on Scrivener 2.2 - perhaps layouts can’t be shared between versions - from your screenshot you’re using Windows?



Yeah, I’m on Windows. Are the layout/theme files not transferable between the Windows and Mac version?

I’ve zipped the file and uploaded it using the forum, and this time it worked: rob’s scrivener (75 KB)

No, still doesn’t work, unfortunately…



Try changing the extension to .scrlayout. Don’t know if that will work, but it’s what layouts use on my system. See the Scrivener folder inside the Application Support folder.

Thanks - I’ll check it out.

Right, tried it out…

MacScriv does recognise the .scrlayout extension, but says that it’s incompatible. No surprise really that they’re not compatible but no big problem either.

Many thanks


Bummer. I really like your layout, bro.

Hope we can get it so that we can cross-platform. :mrgreen:

Okay, here are the actual colors I’m using, for those of you who would like to use the theme I have designed:

(Listed as numbers for the Red, Green, and Blue in the color picker, and I only list the ones I customized)

-Binder Background = All are 85
-Outliner Background = All are 138
-Document Notes Background = all are 126
-Alternate Background = All are 153
-Recent Search Background = All are 62

-Text = 254, 255, 164
-Page = 64, 93, 57
-Text Selection Background = 255, 128, 0
-Text Selection Text = white

Full Screen
-Background = black, Alpha channel = 255
-Text and Page same as Editor

Index Cards
-Index Card Divider = 70, 104, 255
-Index Card Lines = all are 140
-Index Card Status Stamp = 180, 85, 83
-Index Card Border Color = all are 77
-Index Card Background Color = 179, 159, 121

Fonts - I prefer Verdana for anything that’s not the actual manuscript, since it’s much easier on the eyes for me.

Label colors
-all are 39
-all are 121
-52, 63, 80
-139, 127, 111
-85, 57, 57

All collections colors are same as Binder, since the way the GUI works right now in the PC version isn’t intuitive to me, so I prefer to just look at the name of the collection in the selected view instead of identifying the collections tabs by color.

I always have split view turned on, and the right pane is locked as Outline view, showing all the files/folders fully expanded. The middle pane is always the actual manuscript. I never use the Cordboard view since it’s useless for me (I use Writer’s Cafe’s Storylines for plotting, which is much more useful for my needs).

I have the backup button placed on the main toolbar, so I can easily backup. I also have text statistics, project targets, and snapshots on the main toolbar.

How did you get the Outliner to fully left align? When I do it I get it indented with each sub-level.

I have no idea. I don’t remember doing anything specific. Could this be a PC vs. Mac difference?

They are indented, but it’s the title column that shows this, and Lunatique has rearranged the columns so that label comes first.


Got it.

Is there any way that this theme could be reposted by someone who has it?

the download location is no longer valid

thanks !!

– Luis

Look at the later posts in this thread–they contain the download link. I’ll go ahead and edit the original link, just to get rid of the dead one.