Using a stylus in Scrivener

This is somewhat of a follow-on from this conversation, but I didn’t want to resurrect a dead conversation:


I use Myscript’s Nebo to write my first pass. After basic correction, I import the text into Scrivener.

My pipeline then falls back on the traditional print it out and scribble on it:

I’ve grown to really appreciate Nebo and happy to completely drop the step where I have to retype all of my handwritten first drafts. (I had taken to reading them to Siri and having her send them to me as text via email, but Nebo has solved that.)

Now, Myscript did have a solution: Myscript’s Stylus, but this has been deprecated and is no longer available.

Moreover, Nebo can’t import text, so I can’t take anything I’ve worked on in Scrivener and edit it within Nebo

Does anyone have a reasonable suggestion for a stylus driven pipeline in Scrivener, once the text has left Nebo?

I scribble in Notability, i.e. I compile to pdf in Scrivener, open it in Notability, make my comments using the Apple pencil, export it as pdf again from Notability, import the pdf to the Research section of Scrivener, split the editor with the manuscript in one half and the scribbled pdf in the other.
Advantage: going over my handwritten notes once more, while editing, often make me change my mind and come up with a third alternative.

WritePad for iPad (NOT WritePad Pro!) is still available in the App Store, and provides a third- party handwriting- recognition keyboard that you can use inside Scrivener, much like MyScript. the reviews aren’t great, but many reviewers don’t seem to have taken the time to do setup. I find that if I set up my letter forms, use the “continuous writing” option, and leave twice the space between words than I do on paper, then recognition is excellent. (I’m writing this on my iPhone with Penquills, which uses the same recognition engine.)

Also, here is a screenshot of Scrivener (iPad) while using WritePad’s keyboard.

And another, using Penquills in Scrivener on an iPhone 6s plus.

Pages’ Smart Annotations have become essential to my editing process. See … =4&t=51585

Thanks for the replies!

I’ll look at WritePad and read up on Derek’s thread.

FWIW, I really do respect Nebo’s ability to read my mixed block and script so well I did ask them about importing text into Nebo, but there seemed no heat. My feeling is that text editing falls outside of their remit as a note taking app, which is a bit sad. Great that they limit scope creep, but still sad.

Notes Plus can translate handwritten to typed text, and they can import pdf files (for annotating), but not .rtf or .doc

Ooh! Interesting:

Crackers, I’ve been doing this for so long it’s crazy:

The highlighter comments hit me like a body blow. It’s the only way to be sure… and it’s slooooooow. That’s why Nebo has been thrilling me: no retyping; and why I want to find a seamless pencil based pipeline.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Derek, having a spot of bother with the pages <> Scrivener pipeline. Posted in your suggested thread. Any hints?

See my reply there - glad to see you’re giving it a try.

Thanks for the quick response!

I think for me that holy grail comes down to a stylus App for the final edit.

Pages does give me the markup capability, which is great; but it’s back to either the on-screen or practical keyboard to implement the changes.

I’ll have a look at the WritePad app and see how that changes things. It doesn’t appear to be quite as savvy as Nebo, but perhaps for changes, over first pass input, it will be ok.