Using a Table for Print Compile but Not for ePub Compile

Guessing/hoping there’s a way to do this in Compile via Styles or Replacements, but going through settings and searching the forums and the web I’m stuck.

I have a list of items formatted via a 3 column table for compiling to print so they’ll render side by side and not cross page breaks. After some tweaking this worked great for print – but (understandably) looks crappy when compiled to ePub the way the text wraps on a smaller form factor.

Since page breaks aren’t a concern for an ebook, I’m looking for a way to transform the table into a centered list when compiling to ePub, but retaining the table formatting when compiling the same project to print.

Any ideas appreciated.

Probably the easiest way to do this is going to be to have two versions of the document. You might be able to do it via a Markdown workflow, but that’s kind of a heavy lift if you’re not already using Markdown.

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