Using auto-complete for character names

Thank you very much.

Just another question (if it’s required, I’ll post in other place): I would like to know if it is possible to use the auto-complete feature only each time I type the character’s name over the dialogue, so I don’t have to type the entire name.


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Sure, just select the name and right-click on it, choosing “Add Selection to Auto-Complete List”. There will be a shortcut for this as well in the 1.7 release: Ctrl-G,Ctrl-U.

Suggestion: Empty out the complete autocorrect list (I assume there is a file somewhere to delete) and then just fill it with things you want in there.

Also for special words which come in other forms where you don’t wan this, it usually helps to start those words differently, I usually use zz in the beginning, US with querty layout might prefer yy for that.

zzf could be zz first char of first name character
zzn could be zz first char of last name character

zzn would be Nicole
zzs would be Simon
zzns would be Nicole Simon

[I actually have autocorrects on both first and last name of mine running since I can type neither fast …]

You must be talking about the Substitutions feature in main settings? Those would be global to all projects, so I don’t know if that is what they are looking for, for character name expansion. I think it would be easier to just use the Project/Auto-Complete List... tool, since it is easy to add new phrases with a right-click. Then you don’t have your character names showing up in another project that just has recipe notes or something. :slight_smile: Either does work for this, but I would recommend getting used to the project auto-complete list specifically for character names in scriptwriting, since we intend to automate that feature in the future (similar to how Final Draft handles it). What you type into a character element would be automatically saved into the auto-complete list and scene settings as well.