Using both Scrivener 2 and Scrivener 3 on my Mac

On my Mac, I have both Scrivener and the trial version of Scrivener 3. Both are in my Application folder and are running fine. Scrivener appears as “Scrivener.” The trial of Scrivener 3 appears as “Scrivener 3”–I renamed it from “Scrivener 2.”

I bought Scrivener 2 from your site and plan to buy Scrivener 3 from your site…

I just read in your Upgrade Guide the section titled “Running Scriv 2 & 3 Side-by-Side” and have a question. It says in Step 2 to download and install Scrivener 2.9. If I do that, what happens to my Scrivener Does Scrivener 2.9 replace it?


Yes. AFAIK the only difference between and 2.9 is that 2.9 will accept your Scrivener 3 registration code.