using character's names with chapter titles

I am writing a novel where each chapter is a first person POV of a particular character. To keep the readers from getting confused about whose head we are in, I want to include the character name with the title. Something along the lines of…

A Walk in the Park


A Day to Remember

It seems there may be a way to do this with custom meta-data, but I have the Windows version of Scrivener, which doesn’t seem to have that feature.

Is there some workaround that will solve this problem? Thanks!

There are a couple ways I can think to do this:

  • You could use a multiple-line title for the binder document. I’d avoid this one, because multiple-line titles aren’t really supported everywhere, and it will make your binder messy to boot. But in a pinch it might be an easy way to get what you want by just copying and pasting your POV and title into the title, then including the titles when compiling and centering them, etc. in compile formatting.

  • A better way would be to use both a title and a document text. For instance, let’s suppose you have a binder where each folder represents a chapter and each folder has several subdocuments representing scenes, all of which are the same POV character. You could put the POV character name in as the folder title, then enter the chapter title as text in the folder document–remember that in Scrivener, folders can contain their own text as well as having subdocuments. Load the folder in the editor, then deselect whatever group view mode is highlighted in the main toolbar to view just the folder text, and enter the title there. In compile formatting, select to include both the folder title (the POV) and the folder text (the chapter title) and format them however you like. You can also still include a prefix for “Chapter <$t>” or so forth.

If you’re flexible about the order, you might also want to flip the chapter title and the character name, so that the chapter title is used as the folder title in the binder (giving them unique titles, since I’ll assume the POV characters have more than one chapter apiece) and the POV character is given as the folder text.

Jennifer, aren’t you the clever one! That totally works. Thanks!