Using Comments - I don't get the comment

I’m missing something basic about how to use comments. I’ve selected text, executed an “insert comment” menu selection. This resulted in my name, date, and time in in the comment section of the inspector, but no comment. Even when I export comments and annotations - I get the same thing: name, date, time but no actual comment. I’ve reviewed the manual but something is still alluding me. Any thoughts, anyone?

Your name and date is for reference in case of an eventual collaboration. (You may delete it if you so wish.)
The comment you have to type in yourself. What is in the editor should be the anchor, not the comment itself.

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What is happening is that Scrivener is creating the comment space but it’s up to you to enter the comment’s text. Click in the comment pane in the inspector. You can decide whether you want to delete your name, etc.; if you don’t want them, highlight them and type over them. If you think you might be going to share the project with someone else at some future date, keeping at least the name is useful, so just start typing with your cursor at the appropriate point.



Seems @Vincent_Vincent got there first and is less verbose! :rofl:

Duh. Of course. I was treating it link an annotation thinking the highlighted text is the comment. Thanks all!