Using Drafts 4 for importing notes

I find I get inspiration at random times. I never know when the next bright idea will pop into my head. Perhaps I will hear someone’s conversation and that will spark an idea, or randomly I will have an epiphany.

Scrivener isn’t the best choice when I have to scramble to get my thoughts down before they fade away. I have found an iOS program called drafts 4. It opens to a new note whenever the app is launched. I can set it to save the note file in a custom Dropbox folder. Later, when time permits I can import that txt file into Scrivener and put it in the proper category within my project file.

I have found this to be very valuable, I can quickly open drafts 4 type my note or sometimes even an entire page then when I have time, import that note directly into Scrivener. Drafts 4 also supports “night mode” so if I get a great idea in the middle of the night, it’s no problem to type it in drafts and not blind my eyes.

Anyone else use drafts 4 or something like it to quickly save inspirations and epiphany’s?

Yes, I use Drafts 4 and have an Action within it that saves the text to my Scrivener Scratch Pad folder on Dropbox. So when I open Scriv, I can open the Scratch Pad and easily import the text to where I want it.

Excellent! Just found it it the Draft Action Directory. Thanks.