Using Dropbox (or similar)

Seeing as the windows version hasn’t achieved parity with the Mac one I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to use Dropbox to Sync across multiple PCs (in may case only)?

So, if I am at home I do some work and save it into the project. The folder that contains it is part of my dropbox account. I go to work. I fire up Scriv at lunch and open the project I am working on.

If these projects are just collections of RTFs I am not sure why there might be a problem?

Is there a risk?

Well they aren’t just collections of RTF. There is quite a bit of glue going on in there as well. Here is the current document on how to manage working with Dropbox style services. As you’ll see, the important points have little to do with features. What gets saved to the disk and when is most important, and in that regard both platforms are nearly identical.

I’ve been using Scrivener for PC and Scrivener for Mac with the same Scrivener files via Dropbox pretty successfully for about two months now, since NaNoWriMo ended last year. I’ve only had one hiccup, which came about because I opened up the project on both machines at the same time (by accident).

So my only advice is this: Make sure you give Dropbox enough time to update the files before switching machines, or you’re going to get an older version when you open it up on the different machine, and then Scrivener freaks out and makes duplicates and you get really confused.

Yup! That’s basically all you have to worry about. We hold forth a bit on the topic in the above article, to make sure all bases are covered, but in a nutshell just make sure you only ever open a project once (the software helps you out here, but don’t rely on that alone) and that the Dropbox activity light is always off when closing down the computer or opening projects. People have been using it for years without any problems. But on the other hand, I can’t tell you how many projects I’ve seen that are littered with “conflict” files from top to bottom. It’s basic advice, but it’s easy to neglect.

Quote from that page on Dropbox:

"Choose a backup bath somewhere on your local hard drive. "

I assume that I don’t need to bathe Scrivener before doing backups. Or after. :slight_smile:

Scrivener prefers bubble paths.

Don’t we all, don’t we all…



Thanks for your help, you’ve been great. I really like Scriv and I’ve been using it for more and more writing projects - professional and personal, this was just one area where I felt the advice was conflicting.