Using Endnote with Scrivener

I’m testing out Scrivener for possible academic use, and I’d like to be able to integrate it with Endnote (where I already have a considerable library). Various instructions around the web directed me to Tools>Options>General>Bibliography/Citation Manager, but selecting Endnote from my programs list (which is what comes up automatically when I click ‘Choose’) doesn’t seem to work. I’ve seen some suggestions that it should be a .exe file, but a search on my computer for this doesn’t turn the file (possibly because Endnote was installed from a CD rather than from a downloaded file?). Can anyone help?

It shouldn’t matter how Endnote was installed, if it’s really running on your machine (and not from a networked computer or such). It could be that the location it’s installed is hidden for whatever reason–UAC permissions might be hiding Program Files from a standard user? Although you mentioned that Endnote does come up, so that doesn’t sound right.

Could you perhaps post a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the menu when you try to link the files? Just use the PrintScreen key to take the snapshot, then paste into MS Paint and save as a file to attach here (via “Upload Attachment” below the box when you’re typing a reply post). What happens when you try to select the Endnote file to link it? After clicking “Choose”, it should just close the file browser and in Scrivener’s Options you’ll see Endnote listed under “Bibliography/Citation Manager”. All this is doing is setting a shortcut for quickly switching to that other program when working in Scrivener, so there’s not any further setup.

Once we get past the issue of linking Endnote, this post by another user about working with Endnote and Scrivener may be helpful to you.

Thanks for this answer. Endnote is certainly running on my machine. Screenshots - good idea! This one shows what happens when I click “Choose…” and then open Endnote’s folder.

This one shows what results when I select Endnote (i.e. click ‘open’).

After this, Format>Bibliography/Citations still doesn’t do anything.

You can see from the Bibliography/Citations Manager name (Icon…) that you have linked to an icon/shortcut that points to Endnote, not to the full Endnote program itself.

You need, I think, to select the actual program rather than a shortcut.

That sounds right, Briar Kit, but how do I do that? As you can see in the first screenshot above, I’m clicking on something which looks, in the programmes list, like it is Endnote (e.g. is in the right place, says ‘.exe’ for file type next to the File Name field). If it is in fact only a shortcut, where should I be looking for the full Endnote program itself?


I’m not a Windows user, so I don’t know how the OS really works. I assume you can open your list of programs (in Windows Explorer), click (right click?) on the Endnote shortcut, and ask the OS to reveal the actual program location to you.

Once you know where it is, you should be able to navigate to it from the Scrivener interface and make the connection you need.

If this isn’t right, I hope a Windows user will come along soon and give you the benefit of their experience.

Don’t know what Windows is doing, but it is picking out a shortcut rather than a full program file…


Got it! Thanks for your suggestions, Briar Kit, you were close to the answer - hunting through my program files did find the solution. For whatever reason, the ‘Choose…’ in Scrivener was sending me into the Start Menu shortcuts and not into the program files - I needed to navigate to Computer>Windows 7 (C:)>Program Files (x86)>Endnote X5 and select the Endnote .exe from there. It now works! Screenshot of correct selection attached in case it helps anyone else.

Good news.

Happy days :smiley: