Using Find to highlight everything

Okay, I know this is a baby question, but bear with me.

I was using Scrivener for Mac just fine. I would search and the page would show me all instances of the searched for word nicely highlighted.

Then I would walk thru the doc making changes as I wanted. For example, searching for “that” or “like” or “was.”

For some reason, Scrivener has stopped doing that, requiring me to hit Find over and over to move one at a time to each ocurrance.

Did I break something? I can’t find a setting for this? Was this just a fever dream I had and Scrivener never had the functionality to highlight multiple instances?

You can do this with the project search. All the documents containing the search term will be listed in the Search Results in the binder, and you can load them individually or together in a Scrivenings session, then step through each occurrence of the word using Cmd-G. In the Editor preferences, ensure that “Typing clears search highlight” is deselected; then you can edit the words as you come to them without the highlight disappearing from elsewhere in the document.

Yes, that did it. Thank you. :smiley: Thought I’d lost my mind there. Thank you for taking the time to answer this request. Have a great day!

Hi, I have the same problem now but it worked fine last week. I can’t remember if there was an update. So, where do I find “Project search” to get the highlighting of search texts back? I have the search result in the side bar, but I really need the highlighting.

P.S. It is back now. unfortunately, I don’t know why. so it would still be nice to know how to switch it on or off.

I’m not sure which part wasn’t working previously. You can run a project search from the search bar in the main toolbar (Edit > Find > Project Search will open this if it’s not on the toolbar, or just move focus there if it is visible), which will give you the list of results in the binder.

You can click the Search Results header tab to load them all in the editor and switch to Scrivenings mode (View > Scrivenings) if that’s not already set, so you’ll see all their text. The search terms should be highlighted in the editor, and you can skip through using Cmd-G.

In Scrivener > Preferences, under the Editor tab, make sure that “Typing clears search highlight” is deselected if you want the highlights to remain while you’re working.