Using Folders as an intermediate scope for Notes

There are often Notes that are relevant for a section of a project (e.g., for a book chapter) – i’d like to have them visible while working on any of the subdocuments of that section, but not for the entire project. For example, notes about that section’s structure, or ideas i’m not yet sure where to place, or generally useful citations.

  • My suggestion is to have document notes that are attacted to a folder be visible in the notes pane of all that folder’s subdocuments. *
    (This would also give a useful role to the distinction between a containing folder and a containing file).

If put comments in a folder/section of the project and then did scrivenings view for those files then all the comments would be visible in the inspector and might help or do bookmarks and book mark a folder where store the notes for the section open it up as a quick reference panel and float above project or put on a second monitor or split screen to refer to.

Thank you. But while those work arounds would sort of work (indeed I could just make a word document and keep it open in another window and not use scrivener full screen, etc. ) they’re rather awkward.
I would much prefer to make use of the notes panel.
However, the current version, where notes are either project wide, or appear only in the file/scrivening in which they are created, is either too broad or too narrow. Having notes that exist in the scope of a folder I believe would be a very useful intermediate scale.

Comments could function the same way and if click on comment takes you to that spot in the document/documents in scrivening view with inspector open. the comments would be only specific to the group of files you selected

Select the folder of interest in the Binder.
Right-click and choose the Open → In Quick Reference option.
At the upper right corner of the window that results, choose “Notes” from the dropdown menu.
Drag the bar between the Notes and text areas to make the Notes area bigger. Click the little “window pane” icon in the upper right to toggle between vertical and horizontal splits.
Click the Bookmark icon in the lower left to get a “mini Binder” containing your Project Bookmarks.

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This sounds like document bookmarks vs. project bookmarks. Have you tried switching the bookmarks scope from project to document, and adding bookmarks to your notes there?

I rarely use document notes anymore, since I can have as many document bookmarks as I like for each chapter, including bookmarks to other chapters if I need to.