Using images for chapter titles

What I need to do is very similar except I’d like each chapter in the actual book text (not the ToC) to show a black and white image instead of the chapter heading text, e.g. an image of a taxi meter with 1.00 as the dollar amount instead of “Chapter 1”, and do this for each chapter (with a different image for each).

I’m new to Scrivener as of two days ago, so excuse my ignorance, but if you could explain this step-by-step it would be very helpful.

For your case, just drop these files somewhere in the text editor, so that it will show up at the beginning of the chapter. Sometimes easiest is best. :slight_smile: Where that is precisely will depend on how you prefer to organise your writings in the Binder. If you’re just using a flat list of files, one for each chapter, then it is easy—put it at the top of the file.

If you’re following along with how one of the templates is set up, then you probably have chapters as folders with a sequence of scene files. A good place in that case would be in the folder’s text file (not in the files within the folder, to be clear, if you’ve gone as far as Part II in the tutorial you’ll know what I mean, if you don’t, you should check it out. :slight_smile:).

You could also just throw it into the first scene file, but then you’ll have to remember to swap it out if you change scene ordering later.

You can worry about compiling later, that’s all you need to do for now. One tip, if you find it difficult to work with the default compile settings, selecting “Original” from the Format As drop-down menu. That is the most basic setting and it won’t print any titles by default. It will rather, as the name suggests, just export your work as it can be seen in the editor (it will however add page breaks at new folders for you).

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I pasted the image at the start of each chapter and that worked well for PDF output. However, for some reason in the Kindle output the image appears considerably smaller than in the PDF. It’s not a question of Kindle text size because the image proportions relative to the text are much less than in the PDF. The image size reduction in Kindle is about 70%.

Any idea why it is doing that and possible solution?