Using itemized lists messes up formatting in following paragraphs

I am a rather inexperienced user. I have tried to use itemized lists and keep having problems with weird formatting effects. E.g. I added a numbered list and then all subsequent paragraphs suddenly didn’t have any indent any longer until I reset the entire document using “Documents → Convert text to default formatting”.

In another case the following paragraph had an additional indent in the second line that also carried over to exported documents (tested compiling a PDF in modern format).

I watched the video tutorial on tables and lists and can’t see anything I did wrong. Any help would be appreciated because I use lists quite a bit in my projects.

Can I suggest you turn on invisibles (View > Text Editing > Show Invisibles), the ruler if you don’t normally have it showing (Cmd-R), and then post screenshots of what you see? That will help us to work out what is happening.



The way I work around this is to create an extra line (with the default formatting) before inserting a list. i.e. create a new line and then go back to the line above to create the list.

Alternatively change the style of the non-indented line to a random style and then revert it to No Style.

Another way is to use copy and paster formatting.

It would be better if when exiting a list the formatting returned to formatting prior to the list, but I presume there are reasons why it doesn’t. I presume it’s a style choice.