Using labels, statuses, keywords meta tags, Custom Meta-Data or else?

In Scrivener one can use these kind of categories (if one could call it like that), if I see it right:

meta tags
Custom Meta-Data

Are there still more?

Are those categories the same like keywords, respectively do they all use keywords, so is “meta data” the same like a “keyword” or a “Custom Meta-Data” and so on? Or: what is the difference between meta tag and keyword? And the difference between Custom Meta-Data and meta tag?

Under which circumstances one should use which kind of those groups, categories (label or status or meta tag and so on)? What exactly are the differences?

Hello Fant,
Your best bet is to complete the tutorial and also have a read through the manual. Whilst everyone is happy to assist you, it would take a huge post to explain. There is clear instruction and advice for all types of meta data in the manual, accessed from the program itself under the help menu. It has a good contents list so you can go straight to the topic you need more information on. Good luck.

Hello broadsides,

Thank you very much for the very good advice, very happy about it.

Many thanks again