Using LaTeX eTOC to create a TOC as a TikZ mind map

I’m going way out on a limb here, asking a question of the subset (LaTeX) of a subset (TikZ) of Scrivener+LaTeX users a question about a LaTeX package I learned can create a powerful TikZ mind map for the Table of Contents (TOC or ToC) .

I’ve become enamored with The eTOC package in LaTeX that allows for the creation of what is billed as a “TOC as a TikZ mind map”. My thesis has a core concept that is at the center of a non-linear set of topics that surround the core concept. The eTOC “TOC as a TikZ mind map” is a perfect fit for such a topic.

See: The etoc package.

I am attempting to adapt the LaTeX eTOC package to my multiyear project. I’ve found that although there is some well written documentation, the documentation for the eTOC package that I’ve been able to review is a bit more limited than what exists for many other LaTeX packages. I can only guess that this is due to the limited market for such a package, and possibly the technical complexity of the package. It is a truly an extraordinary package, and I am truly over my head.

After having searched on several platforms, and having read through what eTOC documentation I’ve found, I have not located what I need. So, I am taking a shot at asking if anyone on this site has any experience implementing the LaTeX eTOC package within their Scrivener+LaTeX project.

Thanks for reading,