Using Mac Dictation Rather Than Dragon To Transcribe

As a journalist I transcribe a great many longer interviews. In the past I split the Scrivener screen with the audio file in the left screen and my transcription in the right. I would then parrot a sentence or so at a time from the first screen into the other using Dragon, Scrivener hot keys allowed me to start and stop playback as needed in the first screen, with Dragon staying active while waiting for me to dictate what I heard through headphones into the second.

With Dragon being discontinued, I’d like to use Mac’s dictation program in a similar fashion but so far have been unable.

The good thing is when I have the Mac dictation program active and my cursor in the screen I wish to dictate into I can in fact start and stop the audio in the first screen. Alas, the sound of the audio I wish to parrot is muted (even though the time bar shows it is playing).

The only way I’ve found to hear what is playing in the audio screen is to click “done” on the dictation icon (thereby quitting dictation), listen to the sentence, and then reactivate the dictation. The starting and stopping of the dictation program is so slow as to make typing at least as fast.

In short, does anyone know of a way to allow the sound from a recording play through while dictation is active?

I unfortunately don’t have a solution to the Mac dictation issue, but I will poke around and see what I can find. I do have a question as to what part of Dragon is being discontinued. Is the program itself done? Or just the Mac stuff? I was just thinking the other day I would buy it.

Thread started in 2017, but Dragon bad news reported beginning in Silverdragon’s post, Nov.2018:

Thank you :slight_smile: I will check it out.

Found the answer for keeping Mac dictation active in one Scrivener panel while dictating in the other:

System Preferences >Accessibility > Dictation > Uncheck “Mute audio output while dictating.”