Using [macOS] Dictation Feature

I’d like to use the dictation feature more when I write, but one thing I’m running into is I can’t figure out how to do two things: 1. spelling unfamiliar words or names without breaking into the dictation and just typing them, and 2. inserting quotation marks around dialogue.

I’d appreciate any advice or tips. TIA!

Hi Lisa,

Welcome to the forum!

FYI, the dictation available in Scrivener is a system-wide MacOS function, not a Scrivener function. So, for general info, you may want to google up info on “MacOS dictation”.

  1. For quotation marks, you would say ‘open quote’ and ‘close quote’.

  2. In MacOS Ventura there is a Spelling Mode which you can enable and can then move between “Spelling Mode” and “Dictation Mode.” Spelling Mode is enabled in the Accessibility > Voice Control > Commands settings . You would need to turn on Voice Control and since that is also designed to let you control your Mac with your voice, if you don’t mean to control your Mac more generally with voice, you may need to uncheck a lot of voice commands in that dialog! (Leaving the two Spelling & Dictation commands enabled, of course.) Here is an apple info link and a video at MacMost explaining Spelling Mode and how to get it.

(I don’t myself use these facilities, but I hope this helps.)