Using MathType with Scrivener 3

Does Scrivener 3.1.3 support MathType? The existing video on using MathType is apparently for an older version of Scrivener. Are there any instructions on installing MathType with Scrivener 3?

No, unfortunately MathType doesn’t have a supported way to hook into Scrivener, so it was removed. Windows Scrivener does have basic support for MathML equations, which you can insert from the Edit ▸ Insert ▸ submenu.

Hello, I have a windows x64 computer, I installed Mathtype 6.9d, why can I see the “Insert MathType Equation” ?

I found in a change log that:
…“Insert MathType Equation” is now hidden on 64-bit machines

Can this be changed or is there a way to insert a Mathtype equation if I have a 64 bit machine ?

Thanks in advance.

I think you may have referenced the macOS change notes on accident, as we never removed this from the Windows version for that reason. Here is the stated reason:

Removed the menu option to insert MathType equations, as MathType OLE integration on Windows has been unsupported.

The quality of the only workaround they provided to us was so low that it was not of any practical use, and the company has since put most of their efforts into being more of an add-on maker for MS Word.

My advice is either to use the MathML tip above, but I would first see if you cannot find an equation editor that can export to SVG, a scalable format that Scrivener for Windows supports nicely. I wouldn’t want to tie myself down to bitmaps unless I had to.

I understand, just a question, is Scrivener the one that has no OLE support ? Or is it Mathtype the one that changed OLE output ? I looked here and still lists OLE as an option (from Mathtype documentation)
…unable to post an image, pasting a link:

I can see how that might be read either way! It is meant that our programming framework has no access to OLE, so that was never an option. Mainly what we asked of them, back when they approached us about what they can do better, was to return PDF or SVG content from the tool, which we could then handle the mechanics of in the editor: embedding it, letting you double-click it to edit, resize. They wouldn’t have to worry about any of that, save generating some vector data instead of a very low-resolution bitmap that was clearly a screenshot of the editor view (you could even see the system’s sub-pixel antialiasing solution as a yellow-blue fringe around the text!).

We gave them a few years, but when they then dropped all Mac development of their dedicated client leaving users on modern systems with no way to run it any more, there was very little reason for us to continue having the menu command. We had only kept on to it, poor quality as it was, because it was something the Mac provided still (where there, they did provide vector data).

Thank you for the clarification