Using MathType with Scrivener

Here’s something cool: I noticed that DesignScience has just released MathType 6.7. I am a long-time customer of theirs. For those who do not know (or like) to use TeX scripting directly, you can use the MathType GUI to build equations in Scrivener rather easily. This post mentions it briefly.

I followed the procedure given here for using LaTeXiT, so that I can typeset using the Services menu as shown in the youtube video.

Once that is working, you must configure MathType. Inside MathType one simply goes to the “Preferences…|Translators” dialog box and specifies that copy and paste be done with “Tex – LaTeX 2.09 or later”. After this, you can copy and paste back and forth:

From MathType into Scrivener: Finish your equation with MathType GUI, copy to clipboard, paste into Scrivener. Select every line of TeX you pasted, and right-click (or control-click) and select “Services|Typeset LaTeX Text”.

From Scrivener into MathType: Select previously typeset equation, and right-click (or control-click) and select “Services|Revert Equations back to LaTeX code”. The TeX code reappears, and you can now copy it and paste it back into the MathType GUI for editing.


And soon, things will be even better. :slight_smile:

Here is a sneak preview.

Ahh, sweeet! Great minds think alike, I guess! :smiley:


I am an 10.7 Lion user, i use Scrivener 2.1 for mac, and download the last version of Mathtype 6.7a, I did all it write, i insert equation , mathtype opened, i wrote equation, and i close it b clicking in the red button on the top left, a dialog box proposed to me to save or not, i clicked on yes, the dialog box closed nothing appeared on my scrivener document. I saw the video tutorial but nothing appeared on.
Please someone can help me to fix it ?

Hi Albert,

I have the same problem! Did you find out how to fix the problem? Thank you so much for sharing.


Some programs seem to interfere with the app interchange process, including TextExpander and Default Folder X - do you have either of these installed? I have alerted Design Science of these problems, as the issue seems to come from MathType’s side.

All the best,