Using my scriv. App on husband’s iPad

My MacBook is in for repairs, I’ll on deadline, and I’m using the scriv app on my iphone to keep writing.

My husband offered his iPad but the App Store isn’t letting me download is unless I buy it again. We’re in the same household and I thought I could put a copy on any device we own. Does the device have to be registered in my name for me to be able to download it without paying again?

Is there no way to put it on his iPad so I can then use my info to use the app?

Either set up family sharing or try logging out of your husband’s account in the App Store and then logging into your account instead (and then try downloading the app).

Slàinte mhòr.

Thanks so much! Once I figured out how to log out it was a piece of cake!

Now I hope I can get it to sync with Dropbox!


Slàinte mhòr.

You’ll need to install the Dropbox app on the iPad, and make sure it’s logged in to your account. Then you’ll need to make sure that the iPad’s copy of Scrivener is configured to match the iPhone copy. More information about setting up syncing here: … g-with-ios


It took me a bit of G2 (guess and Google) to get comfortable with Scrivener iOS sync on Dropbox, but the investment is well worth the time and trial. The ability to work of an iPad Pro is important for me and my frequent travels, once confident in the app, there was no looking back.