Using RegEx to replace Font for specific Character

I have been searching for some time on how to get scrivener to replace specific characters with another font and a different character. I believe I need to use RegEx to do this but have not been able to figure out the syntax at all.

The issue is this. I am trying to make a template so that all future projects will have the same format- Chapter headings are one font/size, section font is something else. This works perfect, except when it comes to scene breaks within a section (time jumps). While writing I simply enter # and keep writing. I don’t want that in the final though. When I change all # to the symbol in another font, I see it in the sections (also something I had to do manually or prior to importing from Word- only reason it was in word was for professional editors).

Prior to compiling, I see whatever font I had for everything and the symbol I want. Then I compile and it converts ALL the text to appropriate fonts. Headings Trajan Pro (or whatever) and sections as Garamond. The problem becomes that scrivener sees the symbol I want and converts to Garamond, so now instead of the embellish symbol from the specific font, I see the number 7.

I eventually will want to change the first letter of each chapter to a different font to.

RegEx could be useful, but it can’t change the font or anything else about formatting … but Keyboard Maestro can.

Couldn’t you just define a character style to apply to those instances of your scene-break symbol (which it sounds like you are manually typing into your typescript anyway)? Compile has a way of respecting defined styles.

Am I missing something?

I’m typing them in on a first draft instance and they persist until compile. The character I type is not the same character I want to be in the final # vs 7. I don’t think I follow the character style you’re talking about though. What is that? Also, I am not respecting the style of the main body of the text. So I already have it being defined when it’s compiling.