Using same project on Mac and PC- licenses

I just purchased Scrivener for my Mac and am very much looking forward to using it.

One question, though- my main computer is a Mac but I often take my netbook to work around town. I really need to utilize the same project on both computers. I am using Dropbox for the main scrivener file and understand the issues about finishing a sync before opening on another computer. However, my license doesn’t activate my Windows version of Scrivener. I can use the trial to see my project and everything’s great- but I need to be able to register it on the Windows machine to continue using it.

I really don’t want to purchase another license just to use Scrivener on my netbook- that’ll really make me think twice about using this software. The sync function is okay but I need the whole ‘Scrivener UI’ on both computers for it to be worth it. Is it possible to unlock this on the Windows machine using my existing registration code?

I dont’ know if you all can do this but it would make or break the experience for me. I really appreciate any advice you have, as it’s a great app.

Thanks for the help.

As I understand it, you need to buy both the Mac and Windows licences separately if you wish to run Scrivener on both OS. Keith has explained the position as follows:

You can see this post at:

As Siren says, you do indeed need a separate licence for both versions - they are separate development efforts with different people working on them, and we can’t afford to charge only $45 for both licences. You’ll find this is the way with most software - even much more expensive software such as the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office requires you to purchase a different licence for different platforms.

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