Using Scrivener IOS as Web Clipper

I have used Evernote and other tools for web clips, but it occurred to me that I could be using Scrivener IOS on my iPad for that purpose. In order to sync (or see the contents) on my MacBook, must I save the Web Clippings project in Dropbox? Is there any alternative?

You can import a web page directly into the Scrivener for iOS app. To do so, open the project you want to add the web page to (or create one to save all of your web archives in and then open it), click the middle icon at the bottom (square with down arrow) and select Web Page. You can then put in the URL and import the web page. It doesn’t work well for web pages that require a login, but for importing articles and things like that, it’s a great way to collect your research, etc.

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I’m returning to Scrivener after some time away. I wonder if the IOS App still relies only on Dropbox for syncing with my Scrivener software on my MacBook in OSX. Is there an alternative, as I’m trying to avoid dropbox.

Yes, this is still the case, for syncing.

In case you’re interested, there are a couple non-syncing alternatives discussed in this thread. What I mean by non-syncing is these alternatives would have you copying entire projects back and forth between iOS and Mac (as opposed to only syncing changes). Some folks prefer this to syncing.