using scrivener on 3 devices

hello, I’ve bought a licence for Scrivener (I’m found of it), but when I tried to use it on my laptop it send a mistake message. Is i because I use it also on my Mac ? Can I use Scrivener on my 3 computers (home, office and laptop) without problem ? It’s always for the same novels, but on différent machine. Is it possible ? thanks for you help. gracia

sorry for my english, I’m French

I believe the Scrivener license covers the entire household as long as all computers are running the same OS.

If all your home computers are Macs, you’re covered.


If all home computers are Windows-based, you’re covered.

I don’t think it covers your office computer, though. That would have to be licensed separately, even if it’s the same OS as your home computers.

I can confirm what rontarrant wrote.

I use 2 different Macs: a MacBook Pro whenever I plan to do software development, photo stuff or anything else that requires computing power, and a much lighter and smaller MacBook Air. I have installed Scrivener on both of them, and the licence works just fine.

I also think that my use case is covered by the legalese, because a) only I use Scrivener, and b) I only use one of my machines at any time :smiley:

I also think it would be different if one of my machines was a Windows machine, or running Linux. … e-computer … ac-version

Did you purchase Scrivener directly from us, or through the Apple App Store? Your license covers multiple computers either way, but we’ve had a few reports of App Store glitches causing problems. There was also a (now resolved) issue with the App Store’s security certificates recently, which might have resulted in Scrivener refusing to install.


I thank you all for your answer, I bought it directly from Litt and Latte
The installation went ok, but I received a weird message, that I did not understand clearly. That’s why I asked me question before taking any risk
I’m going to try to go on with it on my laptop, after making a copy of my work in case :wink:
Thank you for the wonderful Scrivener

I purchased Scrivener for my iMac G4 and my PowerBook G4. I’m awaiting delivery of an iMac Intel i5 that will replace the G4 iMac. During the transition, I’ll run both iMacs checking the change over. I am operating under the assumption that I can download version 2.7 for the new iMac and use the registration for the G4 running both at the same time. I also plan to buy the Windows version for my PC laptop as I am aware that it requires a different registration number. If all this works, then I will be set for the hardware side.
The one issue I don’t have a good handle on is running the projects between the computers. I will take my PB to a different location for getting a different inspiration. Back at the ranch, I will send a copy of the project to the NAS share folder and use the iMac G4 as the headend for the printer. Since I have occasionally/often used the iMac as first creator and the PB for modifications, having the same version on both has kept the two talking together. If I get the latest version for the new iMac, I won’t be able to go from iMac to PB by simply moving the project. Is there a workaround for this problem? Or should I load the universal program on the new iMac and keep the two on the same track?

There’s a bit of a problem with this proposal.

Scrivener 2.5 is the last version that will work on the G4. But Scrivener 2.7 is the only version that will work with El Capitan, which probably comes installed on your new system. And 2.7 also introduces a new project format, which isn’t backward compatible with 2.5. (But is compatible with the latest Windows version.)

Now, you can use the external folder synchronization to share with pretty much any device you like, but of course then you lose the Scrivener environment. :frowning: