Using Scrivener on two laptops

I initially started using the trial version, then bought Scrivener and started writing on my old laptop. I have a smaller lap top that I wanted to use on the same writing project so opened the email with the license key and downloaded Scrivener to that as well. I feel as if I have tried everything but cannot open my existing project on the second laptop. The closest I’ve got is managing to get the index card heading but cannot access anything I’ve written so far. Help!

How did you try to get the project to the second PC? Uding a cloud server? Or did you simply copy the .scrivx file?
You need the whole .scriv folder. The project consists of everything in the folder.

I tried to save it to a folder on my first lap top and then open it on the cloud version on my other laptop. The index card headings were there but nothing I’ve written. I’m currently trying with DropBox but haven’t managed it so far.

Cloud version?
If you use Dropbox you need the Dropbox app on both macines and give them time to sync via the Dropbox server.

On my new laptop do I open DropBox first or Scrivener? And, if Scrivener, how do I access what I’ve written on my old laptop? My new laptop has DropBox and I can see something called TMFAD.scrivx Very confused!

Install the dropbox sync software. You have to download that from Once that’s installed on both computers, there will be a folder named “Dropbox” on both computers. Close Scrivener and move the .scriv folder (which contains the entirety of your project’s cointents) into the Dropbox folder. Watch the dropbox icon while it syncs up to the dropbox servers. Once that’s complete, go to your other laptop and watch for the project to be synced from dropbox’s servers down to that laptop’s Dropbox folder.

Once that’s done, double-click on the .scrivx file within the project folder to open the project on one computer in Scrivener. Once you’re done working on that machine, quit Scrivener, let the dropbox software sync the last changes up to their severs. On your other computer, make sure when you boot it/wake it up, to let the Dropbox software download all the changes from their servers, and then you can open the project in Scrivener and work from there.

I’ve done it!

I uninstalled Dropbox and then reinstalled it on my old computer and have also watched Karen Prince YouTube tutorial on using Dropbox and Scrivener, creating backup folders etc. Was really helpful.

Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to figure it out - something to do whilst we’re in lockdown though, I guess!


Thank-you to all the advice above, though. I’m not v ‘techy’ so am on a bit of a steep :slight_smile: learning curve. :slight_smile:

I use Resilio Sync. Works much better than Dropbox.

Now if only I could get my iPad syncing to work… :angry: