Using Scrivener to write a 30 minute tv show

does anybody know where i can find a scrivener template that would be set up for a 30 minute tv show? Thanks, i am using scrivener 3

You first need to toggle your document to script mode. (Top option in my current screenshot. – Where the shortcut is Ctrl+8. (I don’t remember if that is the default shortcut.))

From there, you can further tweak it if you wish, using Script Settings..., the second option.
(It sometimes turns somewhat buggy. I’d advise to keep the tweaking to a minimum.)

If you’re talking about a multi-camera TV sitcom, they have a different format from a feature film.

You might want to download WriterSolo for free, make a blank document using their Multi-cam sitcom script template, save it as an FDX and then import it into Scrivener. Then you can save it as a Scrivener template for later use.

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Hi, no I was talking about I guess a single camera one, like Modern Family. I was just wondering if there was a template that had A story, B story C story or a beat sheet in it, like in Save the Cat.

Do you have a Modern Family sample script? If not, you should get one and see which format it’s in.

Generally speaking, the Scrivener templates that we supply will focus on formatting details. For beat sheets and other “content” templates, you’ll have more luck with third party templates focused on the particular kind of work you want to create.

Here’s the script from their pilot: