Using Scrivener to write Character breakdowns AI prompts

Has anyone used Scrivener to write AI prompts and save the output?

I am attempting to do this and it is working ok so far.
Compile questions…

I am trying to learn compile functions. Why? I believe I can create documents via Scrivener that I can have AI look at for data to influence prompt writing. Anyone else trying this?

Writing a prompt is very similar to character modeling. Character breakdowns are key to AI prompt creation. In fact, I am waiting for screen writers to make a break for AI prompting.

Each character breakdown creates responses via AI. These responses are put into the same file creating Character glossaries. These glossaries can be used to create even better AI response.

Seems like prompt-over-enginering to me, but you’re in charge of your own process.:wink:

I don’t see any reason to have Scrivener involved in this process, you could do the same in Notepad or Word, or any text editor.

I create my prompts in the ChatGPT ui and copy the scene into a Scrivener document to edit further by hand. Same with Sudowrite.

Yeah I tried that. I have 900 prompts. I have files and files and files…of prompts with folders and folders of voices. Scrivener organizes the prompts and is exportable. I do not do script writing. I use Claude 2 and Perplexity to work. I like Chatgpt but it is about 14 months old data and I can’t upload documents and save them. Try perplexity it is free but damn the copilot feature is great…it works with claude ai and chatgpt.