Using Scrivener to write novel and Grammarly to check my work?

New here, so thanks for any feedback.

When I copy and paste a chapter of my novel from Scrivener to Grammarly to check, it completely destroys all my fiction novel Scrivener formatting, making the new Grammarly checked output useless.

I’m unable to import a Scrivener file directly into Grammarly to do it that way, so how can I use Grammarly with Scrivener?

Is my only option to cancel my Grammarly subscription and use another product like ProWritingAid which is compatible with Scrivener?

Thank you


I do it two ways:
On my Mac, dump the text into Grammarly, let it find errors, but change it in Scrivener.
On my iPad, Grammarly is a keyboard, so I can invoke it and let it go through every chapter or sub-document or whatever.

Thank you for the quick response.

I don’t use an iPad.

I use a 2019 MacBook Air.

I copy and paste my Chapter into Grammarly as you do, but I’m confused when you “let it find errors, but change it in Scrivener. let it find errors, but change it in Scrivener.”?

When I paste the resulting Grammarly output back into Scrivener, all formatting is gone, even passages that were italicized. Even the .25 new paragraph indents are gone.

How are you getting Scrivener to restore the original formatting of the chapter before I copied and pasted it into Grammarly?

A;poligies for being so thick, but a I’m a little new at usnbg these tools.


I have Scrivener and Grammarly open beside each other.
Grammarly displays the stuff it wants me to change, and if I agree I change that in Scrivener, not in the text Grammarly is showing.

Ahhhhh… got it!

I never thought of doing it the manual way. Thanks.

Too bad Grammarly doesn’t do a straight integration like ProWritingAid does.


It does on the iPad :wink:

What’s interesting is when I use exactly the same chapter and run it through Grammarly versus ProWritingAid, the latter seems vastly superior in finding grammar and style issues?

The bonus is that ProWritingAid integrates directly with Scrivener and maintains all formatting including italics.

I asked Grammarly support about Scrivener integration and they said they currently have no plans to support it on the Mac.


I also moved to ProWritingAid. The integration makes it worth it.

I’m deciding whether to renew my license.

I have no affiliation with them, but I found that the code KINDLEPRENEUR20 gets you a 20% discount.

I didn’t express myself clearly. I should have written:

I have no affiliation with the company that makes ProWritingAid, but I found that the code KINDLEPRENEUR20 gets you a 20% discount when purchasing PWA.

I have tried all the different techniques listed below. I use both Grammarly and ProWriting Aid. When I go round trip into the Grammarly desktop editor from Scrivener using cut and paste, I’ll copy and paste the formatting in scrivener. Italics and other specific font formats, unfortunately have to be attended to manually.
FWIW, my observations regarding the two proofing softwares are that Grammarly is usually more strict about grammar than PWA, however, with both tools you need to judge the context/correctness on your own.