Using scrivener with Nuance's Dragon Dictate

Has anyone had any problem with this. I am having massive probs and Nuance are suggesting I ininstall Scrivener.

Comments? ideas?

And if I do this where do I get Scriviner back ??

At moment I love Scriveiner but hate Dragon…

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in anticipation and regards, Jack

Reinstalling is usually a very painless matter of trashing the current version of the software, downloading a new copy (if you bought directly from us, here is the link, otherwise use Apple’s App Store program) and following the installation instructions.

As to their advice, I am not familiar enough with their troubleshooting to say whether it is necessary, but there is little risk or trouble in trying.

I’ve had no issues with it - although I use it just for dictation (rarely using selections or commands). Do you have a specific problem?

Now that I’ve Updated scrivener and the new update of Dragon seems to have solved problem.

Only using for dictation and then tidy up with keyboard. Saves loads of time.

Thanks and regards, Jack :smiley: :smiley: