Using Scrivener with OneDrive

I just started using scrivener on my macbook pro, and I want to back everything I write in the program on onedrive so that I can view all the files from multiple devices etc etc. Scrivener gave me a warning saying I’m likely to lose all my files this way, but I feel like it’s the other way around.

Anyone else back up all their work on onedrive? Are there any pros or cons I might be unaware of?

By “back up”, do you mean your live project data or do you mean the zipped backups generated by Scrivener?

What devices will you be using? You’ve posted to the iOS forum, your post mentions Mac, and your profile says Windows. Will you use all of those?

Follow the Scrivener warning, in other words Don’t.

You could conceivably store backup Zip files there, however if you want to share between multiple devices the only cloud that handles .scrv packages correctly is Dropbox.

No ifs, buts or maybes on that and it’s on the forum and in the Scrivener documentation.