Using styles in footnotes

Relating to this issue I just wanted to post a quick wishlist item and ask, if it could be made possible in the future to use (at least certain) styles for markup in footnotes, particularly to define a section of a footnote (or the whole footnote) to be treated as raw markup when compiled. Or if you used styles (instead of rich text formatting) to define bold or italics or underlined text, etc. Just basic stuff, maybe?

The problem appeared when using better bibtex bibkeys for zotero that contain “_”, which will be compiled to \_ in markdown and then, after pandocs conversion of the markdown to word, could not be read by the word zotero plugin as bibkey.

I was very lucky that @nontroppo wrote me a script preventing this from happening, but if I understood correctly, I could have used styles for that if they only worked in footnotes.

I know that footnotes should have only limited styling options by design (at least I found this as prvious answers to similar wishes), yet for some problems there might be a good use like in this case?

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I may have known this (I didn’t check the post history of the Scrivener 3 beta, not even sure if they are available as IIRC it was a different forum system) and forgot it, but at least at present, it would be useful to have styles in footnotes. I am not sure if there was a technical limitation or it was a design decision. At least for markdown outputs both block and inline styles could be utilised.

So a +1 from me!