Using Synopsis vs Document Notes

Well, I thought that using Document Notes would be easier to copy and paste from my research file, which was an .rtf file (all double-spaced), but then when I copy and pasted, it single spaced the first part and double-spaced the last paragraph. So, I thought that maybe I should just throw the few paragraphs into the Synopsis card with the paragraph that’s already up there. It should be easy to get to. But, then the program decided to make it one of those roll-overs and it didn’t show everything that I pasted and it was hard to read because it was awkward to read all the way across my screen. I had to double-click to get a scroll-bar to show up on the right-hand side, which was all I really needed.

Hmm. Not really a bug, but not really sure what to say either. Neither was really formatted in a way that was convenient. I think I just have to figure out what my preference is yet.