Using the formatting tool bar in the corkboard


I am working as a screenwiter for french television, and I think that Scrivener is a fantastic software for writing.

BUT : :smiley:

Why is it impossible to use the formatting tool bar for the text on the index cards of the corkboard ?

The corkboard is the tool that I use the most when I write a script, and it would be fantastic if it were possible to change the font, use bold, italic and so on, as on any page…

For exemple, I could use it to higlight in red a name of a character, another color for another character etc, so I could have a quickview of their presence on each scene…

Is this something you’re working on for a future update ?

I already know the 5 ways to show colour or graphics on the index cards (icons, labels, status stamps, keywords, images) but its not exactly the same use.

Thank you for your answer, and forgive my english :slight_smile:


Index cards are plain text only, not RTF, so users cannot apply formatting.

Ok, thank you for your answer.

I now understand why it is impossible at the moment, but is this really impossible to change it ?
Is this impossible to make index cards with RTF text ?

Index cards are great parts of writing tools; and it would be so usefull to use it as any page.
Actually, its the only thing that I miss in Scrivener…

I believe plain text offers opportunities to use and reuse content in multiple ways that RTF doesn’t. Hopefully, one of the developers will reply with a more cogent explanation. :blush: