Using version 3.0

I downloaded on a separate computer the latest beta version (.41) and really, really like its layout, style and damn just about everything. I am using a local file (not the many, many current writing projects in Version 1.9**) but I want to use the beta version (and eventually Version 3.0) on all my work but wonder if it is stable enough as I noticed that imported and updated Ver 2.9.41 files are not backward compatible.

So my question is, can I without fear of losing my continued work use the beta version to write with or should I keep using 1.9*** until Version 3.0 is officially released. I really like the dark mode and many, many other features in the beta version.

The official position is beta shouldn’t be used for essential work.

Reality, many of us are using it and there have been no reports of lost work.

Of course with any software you should have a backup process just to be sure.

The main thing you’re going to run into is the compile process is going to be buggy or even have some missing features. That’s getting to be less of an issue as the betas come out.

Also, check for updates regularly. Put a reminder in your calendar for when the beta is set to expire, and be sure to open Scrivener on that day to be sure you’re prompted to install the latest update before the expiration forces you to come back to the website to download and install manually.

What Amcmo and Rdale said. Plus, you need to consider how much imperfection bugs you, pun intended. There are little things that don’t fully work. In early versions of the beta, this was too distracting for me, and I went back to v1.9. Now, I’ve been using the beta for all work for the past four months or so, and it’s not an issue. But it may be for you.

Have a read through the beta forum and see the type of issues that people are reporting. Can you live with those?

If so, forge ahead.


This. You’re unlikely to lose work in the beta. You might run into issues trying to get your work out of Scrivener to share with other people. Whether this matters depends on how close to your deadline you are.