Utility to read backups

How about a utility that can read the backup file search.indexes file and display it in a form similar to what Scrivener displays in the left side window, with the backup text in the right window? Then I could easily find the backup text I’m looking for and copy and past it back into Scrivener. I just had to spend several hours scouring the forum to determine that the search.indexes file was what I needed; otherwise I would have been going in and out of those poorly named text files all day (or if the backup just named the files the same as what their treeview leaf node name was in scrivener; that would be good too).

I don’t know if this is helpful, but on my platform (Mac) as long as the backup files are not zipped, you can use the operating system’s ordinary search function from the Finder/Desktop to turn up which backup project has a certain doc title or text in it. So, if what you are trying to do is figure out which backup project still had a certain something in it, that would work over here. Maybe something similar in Windows?