UX once more: can Large Font please work for Notes?

Notes are really tiny.

They give my great new glasses a chance to shine, but would be wonderful if they could step up in size as Synopses can.

Thank you, even though I know UX requests not flavor of the month, generallly :wink:


Although it has no impact on the summary view in Inspector, once you’re working with the Notes field, try zooming it like you would the main editor. This zoom setting is independent from the main editor.

Thanks Ioa, always there with the good thought.

I can and will do this; and in fact the blow-up from Use Large Fonts still requires such.

The thing though is scanning, seeing if you want to get into full reading of Notes.

This is where a size bump-up could be really useful.

This is in particular consideration of those of us who use even ‘desk work’ varifocal spectacles – all is not clear and focused unless you turn your head to get the right spot/area of view on it. We compensate, but a little size helps.

Just having gone through a big deal to get the best setup possible in glasses, and thanks again,

I can definitely see the argument for having that toggle trigger a small bump for the inspector summary. I’ve never really thought of that as much more than a glorified button with a dynamic content indicator, but upon looking at it more closely, that is a pretty small font in comparison with the stuff around it. :slight_smile:

Update: actually, upon further testing it appears the summary text is generated using the actual font size (1.0 scale). So you can already directly influence this—I’m having difficulties influencing the default notes font though. That might in fact have a bug in it.

Good find – might guess so also.

And thanks for looking, Ioa, appreciated…


Ioa, there’s no bug. The notes pane just shows the notes at 1x for the preview.

Thanks for your eyes on the actual issue, Keith – no pun (well, maybe :wink: )


Keith, I sent you details on the bug (or the lack of expected behaviour, if you will). As noted it has to do with setting default fonts, not the display size of the font after the fact.

A few more places where the font on iOS is tiny, really, and could use the ability for the Larger Font boost:

  • entry box for footnotes
  • display box for Compile Draft, especially when formal fonts are used as for Word, which are smaller than Courier
  • the quick-look screen accessed from the lines button on the bottom of the edit pane comes out nice and large ir you’ve set the editor large – but only if you use Editor View (now I understand what that means. Otherwise it is another tiny view which again could use the Larger Font resize, which would still leave it small enough for that kind of scan. Thus both views on this quick-look would be optimum.

These are as seen on an iPad 2 running 9.3.3.

There may be more I haven’t found yet which are tiny font views and don’t respond to Larger Font – could it be that Ioa is on to something about how this systematically may happen, or another way like it?

Kind regards to both, hoping as sounds it can be an easy fix,