v Emboldening first title text = text disappears

I have just updated Scrivener to the latest version, then continued with some work I was on. On selecting some text, I hit the “bold” formatting button and the text disappeared.

“Undo” did not bring it back.

However, closing Scrivener & re-opening it showed the text in place and in bold.

On playing around with this bug, I found it seemed to happen only with the title text in the editing window. Text in a paragraph was successfully changed to bold without this phenomenon. (By “title text” I mean the first line in the text editing window that changes the “Untitled” in the Binder to the wording of the first line.)

Thanks, this is a bug we’re aware of and we’re in the process of getting an update out for everyone. I’m very sorry for the alarm! As you note, this is a display issue only, occurring when the first character in the initial paragraph in the editor is reformatted (for certain character formatting); the text is hidden in the view but reloading the document in the editor or changing the editor view such as by adjusting the zoom will cause the text to reappear.

Please run the updater from the Help menu to get the hotfix for this. Thanks for posting a report so quickly!

This is corrected in 1.6, yeah?