V0.0.49 Web Pages in Research Return 404 Page Not Found

I’m new to Scrivener so forgive me if I didn’t do this right, but the following appears to be a bug. I’ve searched back two months of bug reports and didn’t find this reported.

Following instructions from other forum posts, clicking and dragging the web page image next to the link in the address bar to the Research folder should put the page in the folder with the title tag as the name. Two things are happening:

  1. The title tag is added to only a few of the web pages after the URL. The domain URL shows in the Research binder but the site shows the root domain name followed by the post title, but inconsistently. I understand that some web pages don’t have a title tag or it isn’t formatted appropriately, but I checked through 25 web pages I saved and they have a properly formatted title tag. So some show the title, some do not.

  2. About 40-50% of the many web pages I dragged into the Research binder when clicked show a 404 Page Not Found error. I click on the link at the bottom of the panel, which is correct, and it opens in my browser as a 404 error. I copy the link, paste it in again, and the page appears. Some extra character or something is being put into the saved URL that makes it return a 303. I can’t think of what else it could be.

When I add the web page again, it usually appears. I’ll save the document, do more work, come back to the saved web page and it will work. Later I will return and it gives me a 404 page not found error. I can repeat the issue, but it is inconsistent.

I need to store web pages for offline access, which I’ve read maybe in the coming or next version, but this kind of odd bug makes even saving them online a challenge.

Thanks, and congrats on such an amazingly dedicated support community and bug hunting fools. Fabulous!

Hi Lorelle,

I know you said this was inconsistent in both cases, but do you have any sites that you could link to that I might be able to reproduce this issue with? Being able to see it will help a lot for getting the bug fixed.

This is available in 1.0; you have options including saving the HTML text or the whole page as a PDF or an image.

Sorry for the delay in responding.

The issue still holds in the latest update. I found out why this isn’t working. As I originally thought, a space is coming in with the web page drag and drop. The resulting url with the space at the end returns the 404 error.

Is there any way to edit the link instead of moving that page to draft and re-adding it?

I’m going to be checking to ensure I can view these offline now with the latest version. Thanks!

Update: I am looking for the way to save the files for offline viewing and I can’t find it. Can you save the file once it has been added?