[v1] Needs write permission/backup files blank or denied

I’m in a bit of a pickle, hope you can help.

I somehow lost 1k! So I went to my backups, only to discover two things.

  1. Error message. File is not writable. Access is denied. Auto-saves need write permission to your project.

  2. When I try to work around it and drag and drop out of Dropbox, I can open the backup files, but the files are completely empty.

  3. I wonder if this all got messed up when I opened my project today and it told me I had to save and rebuild my search indexes. So I went to Tools, and and clicked the button.

Okay, so how do I go in and give it permission to write my project? In doing so, will I be able to see the file? I’m working on my HP Windows 10 laptop and Dropbox.

At this point I’m only glad it was 1k. I’d go crazy if I lost all 45K. I think these files are screwed so I may just open up a new ‘book’ and drag and drop the story into a completely separate/new file. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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This is a highly deceptive pop up that should in reality say, “go back to the master backup folder and unzip it first”. Go back up to the main zip folder with your backup files folders in it that the back up is saved within, right click > unzip. Take note of where it is unzipping all the files to or make a new folder for them… so you don’t get it all F’d up mixed up misplaced. Once unzipped go to the folder and double click the scrivener project folder within (.scrivx ), your backed up version should open in the scrivener app.

Good luck and God Bless… Time is more precious than gold, unless gold saves you more time.

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