[v1] Setting Default Format for a Project

Hi, please can someone help?

I’m trying to change default text format for a project (so I don’t have to reset for each new file) and I’ve found advice that it can be done in File > Options > Editing etc but I don’t have an Options when I select File from the menu (I’m in Windows) and I can’t select the text and then Format to set to Default either. There’s nothing that looks relevant when I select the Settings icon either

I can’t seem to upload an image to show the menu options I do have under File, sorry!

Many thanks for your help.

Here is a post detailing how to set default formatting:

Normally I would merge a query like this with that thread, but it seems you are describing something unusual. You do not see any options, you have nothing in the Format menu for this, and you have a Settings icon (this is a Project settings icon, maybe that’s what you mean)? Are you perhaps using a very old version of Scrivener? What do you see when you use the Help ▸ About Scrivener menu command?

Yes, that’s the article I read. I’m using Version: - 07 Jul 2020 which is pretty old but I’m sure I used to be able to do this.

Okay, yeah, everything is going to be in a different place in that version and the handy Format commands to set it from an existing paragraph did not exist yet. Application settings are in the Tools menu, not Files. Once you are in there, the tab you are looking for is called “Editor”. You should see what you’re looking for once you’re there!

The menu command to convert existing documents to the default you set there is almost the same as the one document on the website: Documents ▸ Convert ▸ Formatting to Default Text Style.

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Ah, thank you so much that works! I haven’t used it for a while and was going a little crazy.