v2: Compile : new title levels not saved

If I create different title levels in the Formatting pane of the compile tool, and then I save those settings as a preset, the title levels I created are not saved. Only the base level is saved.

I looked into the plist file corresponding to my preset, and indeed only the base level is present in the file. All the other levels are lost.

I cannot reproduce this. Please provide steps to reproduce. (I created the novel with parts preset in this manner and as you can see it works fine.)

Wow, that is fast !

OK, here what I do, step by step.

File --> Compile.
Formatting pane -->
I add a folder level 2 with the “+=” icon at the right.
I click “Title Settings…” and add any prefix or suffix, say “Test” and “Test”
I then click “Save…” at the bottom of the window, and select a name, say “testpreset”

This preset now appears in the “Format” box at the top. If I select “Original” and the I select “testpreset”, the folder level 2 I just created has disappeared.


Just to be sure, I tried from a fresh project, and on two computers with Scrivener 2.0 freshly installed. I never managed to get the sublevels saved. The first level of each category (folder, text and text group) is saved, however.

Thanks a lot for your insights :slight_smile:


Ah, nice catch! Thanks for the instructions, I see it now. What’s happening is that some of the compile settings get manipulated as a copy internally, including the formatting levels, and these only get saved properly when you hit Compile - there’s a bug whereby the “Save” presets feature isn’t incorporating these options.

I’ve just fixed this for the release version, but in the mean time the workaround is to hold down the Option key, which turns the “Compile” button into “Save” (allowing you to save your Compile settings without compiling), click on the “Save” button which used to be the “Compile” button (not the smaller “Save…” button that saves presets), then launch your Compile sheet again, and then click on the small “Save…” button to save your preset. This just flattens all of the compile settings so that the save presets feature catches them all. As I say, this is fixed for next week’s release though.


Yes, that works :smiley:

Thanks for your great support !