v2: custom Compile -> Replacements not saving

The forum ate my last post, let’s try it again…

When I try to add letters to the Replacements compile options for a set of custom compile options, they don’t save what I add. To reproduce:

Click compile from the toobar icon.
Select “NaNoWriMo (Obfuscated)” from the Format As: drop-down list.
Select “Replacements”
Add “c” and “u” to the list of replacements.
click “Save…” button.
Give it a name like “nano2”
Load another set of compile options.
Re-load the “nano2” options.

Note that the c/u replacement is gone from the list.

Hi Robert,

Thanks, this is a known bug and is already fixed for the release version. See this thread for the explanation (the cause is the same) and for a workaround in the meantime:



Sorry for the redundant report. My search-fu on the boards has never been up to snuff. Carry on, nothing to see here folks. Move along.