v3.0.0 - Scriptwriting mode: text selection

I was checking Scrivener 3 for the first time today!

There are still some issues with Scriptwriting mode.

The text selection doesn’t fill the whole line

And other issues appear if you select multiple lines

This bug was reported in the beta forum, but since Scrivener 3 has been released, I thought it was appropriate to put it here,

Any update on this?

Is there anyone from the dev team actually checking this thread?

This bug persists in version 3.0.1

Is this the bug you are talking about?

[LH3049] : Selection highlighting and cursor have incorrect offset in Scriptwriting mode

If so, that [LH3049] in the title tells you that the bug has been formally recognized and entered into L&L bug tracking software – so while it may not have been fixed yet, they are aware of it. You will know it has been fixed when this bug number is included as a fixed bug in the release notes of a new release.

Hey, thanks for the answer. Yes, I even reported this bug a while ago (a few years?) but since Scrivener was released, I was expecting it to be fixed… I opted to put it in the “Bug Hunt” forum instead of the “Version 3 Beta”.

Not every bug was a high enough priority to get fixed before the v3 release. In this case, it appears that the problem is cosmetic and does not affect editing or compiling.