vanished chapter

after writing a chapter over the weekend I save regularly while writing, Control S, maybe that doesn’t mean anything in scrivener and decided to close program but Scuivener did a backup before shutting down. then closed down computer. when opening up again it said something like project in another format and will convert, this doesn’t make sense as I did originally import but have been working in Scrivener exclusively for weeks, opening and shutting, this chapter was complete written in Scrivener, now everything else is there but the chapter I was working on. gone. title, synopsis is there, all other chapters are there, but all the text of this chapter I was last working on gone, hours of work gone where is the back ups :imp:

Hi there…
My husband experienced something just like this this morning and lost an entire chapter of work. The file is there, the title, the notes, but the body of the chapter is gone. (He had just saved, then had an unfortunate windows crash)

Were you able to retrieve your work? Did you find a solution?