Various Footnote/Endnote Questions

Writing a non-fiction book. Having a few challenges with footnotes/endnotes and have not found sufficient helpful answers after searching.

I would like two things, and I am not sure how best to do them:

  1. Endnotes, primarily for citations, numbered sequentially, starting over in each new chapter (but not by section within each chapter).
  2. Footnotes, for some parenthetical comments, using an asterisk or other symbol, on the page itself.

I am using Scrivener for Windows

Under the Format Menu, I see the option to add either Footnote, Inline Footnote, Comment or Inline Annotation. I also see an option for Bibliography/Citations.

A. Is there a way to do both kinds of notes? I only see a way to do numbered footnotes.
B. How do I ensure that the numbering of Endnotes works correctly?
C. Do I need to create a separate Text file for the Endnotes?
D. Is there an external citation program that is recommended and can help?

Thanks in advance!


I use inline footnotes for citations as the temporary citation is very short so doesn’t interrupt the text flow, and inspector footnotes for other, longer information. I set the inline footnotes to compile as endnotes and the inspector ones compile as footnotes. I assume v. 1.9 can do this; the v.3 Beta certainly should allow you to compile that way.

As for the numbering, and different note-stream markers, that is something you have to do in Word or whatever word processor you use. I don’t have Word—also my word processor is Mac only—so I can’t help you there but it should be do-able. I set my footnotes to have alphabetical markers, restarting each page, and the endnotes with numerical markers set per “chapter”.



Thanks Mark!

So firstly, if I understand you correctly, you are saying that the best way you’ve found for separating out notes I want as endnotes or as footnotes is to do one as an inline and one as an inspector not, and then just indicate during compile how I want each one handled. Is that correct?

In terms of using symbols rather than numbers, you see no way to do so other than manually replacing in the word processor, after compiling. Right?

And can you explain what you meant by: I set my footnotes to have alphabetical markers, restarting each page, and the endnotes with numerical markers set per “chapter”. I don’t follow.


Compile, like so:
[attachment=0]Compile setting.png[/attachment]
I assume the Windows Compile dialog looks similar.
Sorting out in my word processor—Nisus Writer Pro—is not “manual”, it just means setting up the stylesheet so that footnotes have a, b, c, etc. as their markers and the the marking is done page by page:
and endnotes have continuous numerical markers but are inserted at the end of the section/Chapter:[attachment=1]endnotes.png[/attachment]
And that’s it. Again, I assume it is equally straightforward to do in Word or other similar word processor.



Very helpful. Thanks! :slight_smile:

When you first open the RTF output document in Nisus, what do you see? Does it already have both footnotes and endnotes, or do you have to do additional work to get it to disentangle the two streams?


It has both, but they are both numbered with separate, continuous Arabic numeral streams. The endnotes are at the end of the entire manuscript. In NWP as I show with my screenshots, it is very easy to set different note-marking for each stream, and to set where you want the marking to restart and where you want the endnotes to appear. You simply open it in styles view and set it up at the points shown, when you switch back to page view, NWP re-lays out using the new settings. On a 120-page document with about 40 endnotes and a couple of dozen footnotes on my 2011 MBP running 10.13.6 this only takes a few seconds.