Vellum Export is ... in italics?

Hey friends!

I started a new WIP today, and tried to export it using the docx/Vellum compile option. This rendered the entire document in italics.

If I compile it as anything else (a custom format, or a paperback 6x9, or…) using docx or pdf, it comes out correctly formatted (italics only where italics should be).

This is a super weird thing I’ve not had before. I did a quick forum search and came up empty. Anyone seen this before?

Useful notes:
MacBook Air M1 - so, new silicon.
Scrivener 3.2.2 (14632).
New /recent install (note the new Mac).
There is only one chapter, but many scenes in the MS.
Some of the scenes are entirely italics.

I’m not seeing this with a few simple tests, it may require some content level conditions to trigger it. If you create a blank test project, type one line in it, and compile to DOCX using the Vellum format, that line comes out italic? If not, what are we going to need to do to the project to make it act more like your original? Are there sections of text that begin with italics, do they use just raw italics or styles? (I tried those obvious things of course, just giving some examples of the kind of stuff to look out for.)

It may be most expedient to send a copy of the project to support, so someone can take a first-hand look at the problem, if you can.

I have seen something like it compiling to RTF and DOCX. If I used an “emphasis” italics style on a word within a paragraph which had been assigned a paragraph style, Block Quote for example, from that point for the next sentence or two was all in italics.

Using the footnote marker within a paragraph with a paragraph style resulted in the next few sentences being superscripted.

Just in case it helps.



Weird! I’ll try some things along those lines, thanks.

I’ve done this - good suggestion. Check yo email ;-)

Funny you should mention this - I’ve had similar things happen with tiny pieces of text. Usually editing the text and/or recompiling made the problem go away, but not this time.

I’m probably doing something weird, but I can’t work out quite what - the extent of my hack-fu here was a) starting a new document from the fiction/novel template, then banging in some text. Whole sections/scenes are italics, but not the whole chapter, which is just … well, it’s above my pay grade.