Vellum Export to Word docx format not working

This has only just occurred, possibly since the last update. When I select compile and then Vellum Export in the format menu and select Compile for Microsoft Word .docx, the export gets to about 90% complete and then hangs and never completes. If I change the Compile For to Microsoft Word .doc and the format to Default, it completes the export correctly. I have not had any problems with export before using the .docx format. No idea why. Possibly a bug.
MacOS Ventura 13.1, MacBook Pro M1 Max.

Okay, I found the problem. I had ‘Use Java converters for .docx’ selected in MacOS Settings/Sharing/Conversion pane. Don’t know how that got switched on. Turned it off and the Export to Vellum using Microsoft Word .docx worked as it always had, no problems. So there is a bug either with Scrivener or Java or a combo. Best. Steve.

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Java and the other converter used if you turn off that checkbox both have bugs in different circumstances. That’s why we have the option.

Okay, thanks for your reply. The option makes sense now.