Vellum integration suggestion / question

The Styles provided in the Vellum Export Compile format contain things like “Verse” (Override name: Vellum Verse) and “Part Title” (Override name: Vellum Part Title), etcetera . . .

What I would like to find (or produce myself in Styles if there’s a way) is the styles for:

  1. Text Conversation
  2. Written Note

[these appear in the latest version of Vellum]

. . . so that I can have them pre-formatted when I import the .docx file into a new Vellum project. Currently, I’ve got to go through the entire manuscript in Vellum and manually add these. Which is tedious.

I’m guessing that, if create the necessary styles in Scrivener, it will work. But I don’t know the official “Override Names” that Vellum uses for these, and I can’t find them anywhere (in the forum, or online elsewhere).

Anyone have any ideas? Much appreciated.

Given the apparent convention that Vellum uses, I would try “Vellum Text Conversation” and “Vellum Written Note” as override names.

Otherwise, this would be a question for Vellum support. From our side, Scrivener can assign whatever names you like.